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Help us secure the future and mission of the
Garrison Players Arts Center (GPAC)!

Established in 1953, Garrison Players is the oldest, continually operating, all-volunteer nonprofit theater group on the NH Seacoast. Our mission is to encourage, foster, and promote participation by amateurs in all phases of the arts. By offering a diverse selection of man stage productions, a thriving and affordable Youth Education Program, and ever-growing opportunities for community groups to enjoy our intimate setting, GPAC is a landmark of the NH theater community.

Ticket sales cover less than 45% of our existing mortgage and operating expenses. As a result, we rely on community support through annual membership and donations to help us provide a venue where people can come to express, explore and experience artistic creativity. Your gift, of any amount helps us to
* pay for production costs, such as set construction, props, costumes and scripts;
* expand our community outreach;
* expand our highly successful youth programming; and
* continue maintaining and improving this extraordinary, historic building, the 1895 Hiram R. Roberts Grange Hall.

GPAC seeks to enrich and invigorate the lives of any and all of those who engage in the arts community. Your membership helps us continue to provide affordable main stage performances and youth programs to our community.

Supporting members of the Garrison Players Arts Center enjoy the privilege of voting on upcoming productions, the operating budget, and the election of members of the board of Directors. As a representative of the growing community, you are invited to “Get Into the Act” by becoming a member and providing your input for the future.

Memberships, Season Tickets and Donation Forms

There are several way to support the Garrison players Arts Center. You can become a member, purchase season tickets (a G-PACK), and/or make a donation.

Donation Amount Membership Level Additional Benefits
$500.00 Director 2 G-Packs=2 tickets
$250.00 Actor 1 G-Pack =6 tickets
$100.00 Ensemble 2 tickets
$50.00 Stage Manager
$25.00 Understudy
$10.00 Student

Each G-Pack provides 6 tickets for and Garrison Players mainstage and youth education performance. The cost is $90.00 per G-Pack, a savings of 15% when compared to purchasing individual tickets for each performance.

General donations are very much appreciated. These funds are used to support the needs of Garrison Players Arts Center to ensure we can continue to bring volunteer-based theater to our community.

This donation fund goes directly to sustain our Garrison Players Arts Center mortgage payment. Thank you!

Thank you so much for your generous support of Garrison Players Arts Center!

Our Members: 2019-2020 (as of 7/21/19)

Autumn Allen, Kirk Goulet & Family
Jennifer Batchelder
Tom & Barb Dunnington
Tom Frey

Nancy & R. Daniel Bergeron
Carol Davenport
Helmar & Marsha Herman
Scott Joy
Carol & Scott Seely
Francois & Cindel Lamothe
John & Carol MacDonald
Shaune McCarthy
Richard Salvati
Ralph & Phyllis Wark

The Adams Family
Gary Avery
Bill & Elizabeth Burr
Amber Desrosiers
Carla Desrosiers
Stephen Desrosiers
Jennifer Dunnington
Dr. Marc & Heidi Dupois
C. Dennis Fink
Darrell Ford
Ryan Gendron
Megan Davenport Karas
Mary and David Kaye
Lisa Meconi
John Padley
Daniel Regalia
Steve McNally
Linette Miles
Susan Long
Sharon Parker

Stage Manager
John & Joanne Barrett
Carol & Gadi Bitov
Bob Boucher & Katie Makem-Boucher
Judi Currie
Brian Fanning Kimberly Fanning
Kathy Fink
Tinka & Jerry Finley
Elizabeth Barry Flowers
Jeannie Goodwin
Sandy Guptill
Phil & Valerie Hesketh
Sharon Hilton
Holly Letourneau
Mary Norris
Pamela Parkinson
Judith Parks
Alyson Rachkoskie
Barbara Rowe
Ann Schultz
Dana Stairs
Gregory Turcotte
Cindy Wersosky
Doug Wheeler
Katherine Wheeler
David Wiley
Timothy Young

Margaret Alexander
Debbie Bodell
Don Briand
Elizabeth “Betsy” Briand
Josh Brown
Lucie Callahan
Jen & Doug Decker
Michael Doyle
Erin Farrell
Todd Fernald
Janet Glazier
Gwendolyn Goguelet
Joyce Goldstein
Penelope Haskew
Danielle Howard
Alan Huisman
Tara Johns
Meghan Kilroy
Kate Kirkwood
Melissa Manseau
Bonnie Marshall
Sarah Jane Marschner
Jim Mastro
Denise McDonough
Devon Padley
Geoff Palmer
Jake Palmer
Nate Palmer
Elena Poirier
Mike Pomp
Kristin St. Hilaire
Kenneth Times III
Debra Martuscello Wiley
Mark Wiley

Dorie Burr
Flynn Burr
Graham Burr
Tristan Burr
Donna Phofolos
Christine St. Pierre